Referral bonus process at Rejlers

A tip that leads to an employment (probationary/permanent) generates a referral bonus of 20 000 SEK (before taxes) to the employee who gave the recommendation of our new colleague.

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Because great people know great people

We believe in the quote: ”great people know great people” and therefore the best place to look for new colleagues is in YOUR network!

Think about your old class mates and former collegues – who would you like to meet in the office corridor in the future? 🙋🙋‍♂️

How does it work?

Before you submitting your tip - please check the following:

Openings within the organization?

Think about our organization and the different roles within it. Is there any suitable position for the candidate? Does the candidate meet the requirements?

Is the candidate interested in Rejlers?

Have you been in contact with the candidate to reconsile the candidates interest in working at Rejlers?

YES, I have a candidate and a suitable position 🙌

When you have checked the questions to the left 👈 please leave your tip to the right 👉

I want to leave my tip NOW!

It´s easy to register your tip, just click HERE🙌

Rules and guidelines for a tip to be valid

Leave your referral

Some last reminders

1. Do not forget that you should have been in contact with the actual candidate and that he or she must be interested in a position at Rejlers.

2. If you leave (for example) 3 different tips about 3 different candidates and it turns out that all 3 leads to employment, this means you get a tip bonus of 20 000 x 3 = 60 000 SEK!!💰

3. Do not forget that your tip should be relevant for Rejlers and our organisation. It should also be a person that you can imagine working with.


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